The Perfect Gift

15 December 2012

Catie and Julie wanted to get their parents portraits of them to give as their Christmas gift.  We had to take advantage of Hubbard Park and their amazing light displays. 

Baby Sophia

03 November 2012

Baby Sophia is here!  We were so happy that Meg and Tim asked us to come back to photograph their newborn. 

We wanted the pictures to have a dreamy feel.  We used holiday lights as a back-drop to give this twinkle/starry effect. 

Baby Bump

06 October 2012

Today we did a fun photo shoot with the cutest family who is awaiting the arrival of their first born.  First Erica did make-up.  She wanted to keep the look natural.

Then we went to a park to shoot outside and then back to their home for some additional photos.  We had such a good time and we love the fall colors!

Lesley & Scott

08 September 2012

Last weekend we got to work with Lesley and Scott.  They are expecting their first child on October 16th of this year. You can definitely see the expectant parent glow and excitement while working with them.  Like always we had a great time both shooting and working on the make-up.  

For the shoot we decided to stay around Lesley and Scott's house as their backyard is filled with different flowers and not to mention they have three crazy dogs that we had to try to get into the shoot.  

In alittle LovelyUs news, we are moving along and getting everything rolling - hopefully, coming soon will be our full website featuring more information, photos, and more! Also stay tuned to the blog as we have different postings come up in the near future!

Lesley & Scott

 The complete family. Lesley, Scott, and "baby Christopher". 
Of course, then you got, Daisy the Wheaton, Detour the Boxer, and Cody the Chocolate Lab

 Some photos taken inside their home when  the rain decided to come!

 Make-up from the shoot

Erica wanted to keep Lesley's make-up as natural as possible since the shoot was all about the baby bump. Eyeshadow used for the shoot was from the Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette. 

  Erica's second job! Dog Rangler!

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Bria Rose

13 June 2012

Last Sunday, we had our first photoshoot with our model, Bria. It was a perfect summer day and a complete blast.  Bria is the essence of teenage beauty and a natural in front of the camera.  We held the shoot at Booth Memorial Park in Stratford - this place is hidden in the hussle and bussle of everyday life; one of those forgotten places in the area.

The Rose Garden

Other spots throughout the park.

 Sometimes its the candid shots that turn out to be the best images.

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Make-up from the shoot.
 Make-up used from the Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette