Tip Tuesday - Make-Up

26 November 2013

The Do's and Don'ts of Mascara

Mascara it comes in many forms - waterproof, lengthening, volumizing, you name it!  it can be your best friend and worse enemy. Without it no make-up look will be complete and some times it's the only thing we need. 

Below are some of the do's and dont's. 

Do - Pick out the right color for you.  There is a reason mascara comes in different shades. If you are a blonde, the brown shades will give you the more natural look. And if you are a brunette, the darker shades are for you.  

Don't - There is no need to pump the mascara. Girls, you know what I'm talking about. We have all done it but this is a big no-no. Pumping the wand will actually cause air to get in the tube and dry out your mascara.

Do - Curl those lashes before you apply.  Mascara on its own is great but when applied to a fresh curled lash it's even better. So get out that curler and get as close as you can to the base of your upper lashes, turn you hand up a little, and squeeze away.  

Don't - Make sure you don't apply your mascara and then curl your lashes. Doing this can cause your lashes to stick to the curler and break.

Do - When applying your mascara to your upper lashes, start at the base and move the wand back and forth as you pull up. After that use the tip of the wand to get the inner corner and outer lashes.  This will help get all the lashes and give you a full look.

Don't - Don't be afraid of those drug store brands. High price tag doesn't always mean a great product. Yes, mascaras like Benefit's They're Real are great but L'Oreal and Maybelline have some great lines as well.  

Do - Change your mascara every three months! Mascara has the shortest shelf life of all make-up. There are three factors that make mascara prone to grow bacteria - it is exposed to air, its dark and wet.  

Hopefully these tips will help! 

Mascaras pictured :

happy sunday!! harvest edition

24 November 2013

we hope you're all having a great weekend!  here's to a short work week, can't wait for Thanksgiving!!

Tip Tuesday - Photography

19 November 2013

Get Outside!

One of the simplest tips I can give - Get Outside! You won't be able to get great photos by staying inside all day.  Every time I go for a walk to the park or to the beach I take my camera with me; you never know what you'll see!  You may see a family of deer at the park or a rundown dock at the beach - nature has many surprises!  Sunrise and sunset are one of my favorite things to capture as they can make for some gorgeous pictures.  

So get out there and bring your camera with you!  Share some of your outdoor photos in comments if you'd like! 

Tip Tuesday - Make-Up

12 November 2013

It's Tip Tuesday!  This means that we will be bringing you a new beauty or photography tip!  Keep checking back each week for a new tip and hopefully learn something new!

How to Make Your Make-Up Last

I don't know about you but I hate when I look in a mirror a couple of hours after I've applied my make-up and half of it is off already!  In high school, when I first discovered make-up, I used to spray my face with hairspray thinking this would help make it last.  Well, I would like to thank whoever it was that got me to realize there are actual products out there that are made specifically to help with melting make-up and I can put the hairspray down!

Here are three simple and easy tips to help make your make-up last!

Tip # 1. Apply a face primer. This comes in all textures from creams to gel forms and some even have dual purposes.  This would be the first product you apply after you cleansed, toned, and moisturized your face.  Make sure you evenly apply it to your face and let it set in before you apply your foundation and concealer.

At this moment, my personal favorite, is the Smashbox Photo Finish primer. It definitely does what it says and this is one of the products that can offer dual purposes. You can find Photo Finish primers that also help with moisture, color correction, and even blemish control.

$10.00 - $49.00 
(pricing varies on size as well as specific product)

Tip # 2. Try an eye primer.  Eye primer is applied to the lid of the eye before eyeshadow. This product will help with the eyeshadow from straying or creasing as well as makes the pigment of the eyeshadow pop.  And here is a little hint, apply your eye primer and let it set. Usually I will apply the eye primer and then work on my eyebrows.

The pictured eye primer is Benefit's Stay Don't Stray. This primer has been in my top eye primers since I have tried it.  It works great and forms almost a foundation type base on your eye lid.


Tip #3. Finish up with make-up setting spray.  After you have applied all your make-up spritz it with a finishing spray.  Make sure you spray evenly, usually three sprays is enough. Personally, I found that I like to spray before any mascara is applied.  This will help keep your mascara from running under the eye when the mist hits the face. 

Above is the Urban Decay All Nighter. I have yet to try another brand but I've heard Ben Nye, Skindinavia, and MAC have some great setting sprays. 

$14.00 / 1 oz
$29.00 / 4 oz

Happy Sunday - Stephanie

10 November 2013

Each Sunday I'm going to share a picture that I have taken. The picture may be anything from nature to home decor to some new place I have explored on my travels; you may even see my cat, Osa, once in a while.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to go out and take pictures!

Make-Up Reviews - Erica

07 November 2013

So once a month you'll see a post up for a make-up review.  I'll be reviewing either new releases or products that may be older and I'm just discovering. Below is an older review that I'm just posting but honestly, I am still using these two products in my daily make-up routine.

Stila "In the Know" Eye Shadow Palette

Stila offers a three eye shadow palette series called "In the ____".  There's "In the Know", "In the Garden", and "In the Light". Each palette offers 10 decent sized eye shadows as well as one of their Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner.  I decided to purchase the "In the Know" palette from the series as I liked how it offers all matte eye shadows.  I have never tried Stila eye shadows before purchasing this palette and I am very happy I made the plunge.

The "In the Know" palette has become part of my daily eye make-up routine. I love switching up the colors to make different looks. The shadows are extremely pigmented and with the right eye shadow primer will stay all day. The major thing with this matte shadow palette is you have to make sure that you blend very well as the lines are not as forgiving as with shimmer shadows.

I definitely recommend this palette to be part of any make-up collection. The shadows are great in size, neutral colors, and have lasting power. 

Too Faced Shadow Insurance 

So I have been on the hunt for a new eye shadow primer.  On my last Sephora trip, I decided to try Shadow Insurance by Too Faced.  This primer is more of a liquid based than cream based which I wasn't too sure I would like.  

After giving it a few weeks as part of my daily make-up routine, I'm impressed.  It makes your eyeshadows pop, helps with any creasing and gives the shadows a great base to last.