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So once a month you'll see a post up for a make-up review.  I'll be reviewing either new releases or products that may be older and I'm just discovering. Below is an older review that I'm just posting but honestly, I am still using these two products in my daily make-up routine.

Stila "In the Know" Eye Shadow Palette

Stila offers a three eye shadow palette series called "In the ____".  There's "In the Know", "In the Garden", and "In the Light". Each palette offers 10 decent sized eye shadows as well as one of their Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner.  I decided to purchase the "In the Know" palette from the series as I liked how it offers all matte eye shadows.  I have never tried Stila eye shadows before purchasing this palette and I am very happy I made the plunge.

The "In the Know" palette has become part of my daily eye make-up routine. I love switching up the colors to make different looks. The shadows are extremely pigmented and with the right eye shadow primer will stay all day. The major thing with this matte shadow palette is you have to make sure that you blend very well as the lines are not as forgiving as with shimmer shadows.

I definitely recommend this palette to be part of any make-up collection. The shadows are great in size, neutral colors, and have lasting power. 

Too Faced Shadow Insurance 

So I have been on the hunt for a new eye shadow primer.  On my last Sephora trip, I decided to try Shadow Insurance by Too Faced.  This primer is more of a liquid based than cream based which I wasn't too sure I would like.  

After giving it a few weeks as part of my daily make-up routine, I'm impressed.  It makes your eyeshadows pop, helps with any creasing and gives the shadows a great base to last.

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