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The Do's and Don'ts of Mascara

Mascara it comes in many forms - waterproof, lengthening, volumizing, you name it!  it can be your best friend and worse enemy. Without it no make-up look will be complete and some times it's the only thing we need. 

Below are some of the do's and dont's. 

Do - Pick out the right color for you.  There is a reason mascara comes in different shades. If you are a blonde, the brown shades will give you the more natural look. And if you are a brunette, the darker shades are for you.  

Don't - There is no need to pump the mascara. Girls, you know what I'm talking about. We have all done it but this is a big no-no. Pumping the wand will actually cause air to get in the tube and dry out your mascara.

Do - Curl those lashes before you apply.  Mascara on its own is great but when applied to a fresh curled lash it's even better. So get out that curler and get as close as you can to the base of your upper lashes, turn you hand up a little, and squeeze away.  

Don't - Make sure you don't apply your mascara and then curl your lashes. Doing this can cause your lashes to stick to the curler and break.

Do - When applying your mascara to your upper lashes, start at the base and move the wand back and forth as you pull up. After that use the tip of the wand to get the inner corner and outer lashes.  This will help get all the lashes and give you a full look.

Don't - Don't be afraid of those drug store brands. High price tag doesn't always mean a great product. Yes, mascaras like Benefit's They're Real are great but L'Oreal and Maybelline have some great lines as well.  

Do - Change your mascara every three months! Mascara has the shortest shelf life of all make-up. There are three factors that make mascara prone to grow bacteria - it is exposed to air, its dark and wet.  

Hopefully these tips will help! 

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