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It's Tip Tuesday!  This means that we will be bringing you a new beauty or photography tip!  Keep checking back each week for a new tip and hopefully learn something new!

How to Make Your Make-Up Last

I don't know about you but I hate when I look in a mirror a couple of hours after I've applied my make-up and half of it is off already!  In high school, when I first discovered make-up, I used to spray my face with hairspray thinking this would help make it last.  Well, I would like to thank whoever it was that got me to realize there are actual products out there that are made specifically to help with melting make-up and I can put the hairspray down!

Here are three simple and easy tips to help make your make-up last!

Tip # 1. Apply a face primer. This comes in all textures from creams to gel forms and some even have dual purposes.  This would be the first product you apply after you cleansed, toned, and moisturized your face.  Make sure you evenly apply it to your face and let it set in before you apply your foundation and concealer.

At this moment, my personal favorite, is the Smashbox Photo Finish primer. It definitely does what it says and this is one of the products that can offer dual purposes. You can find Photo Finish primers that also help with moisture, color correction, and even blemish control.

$10.00 - $49.00 
(pricing varies on size as well as specific product)

Tip # 2. Try an eye primer.  Eye primer is applied to the lid of the eye before eyeshadow. This product will help with the eyeshadow from straying or creasing as well as makes the pigment of the eyeshadow pop.  And here is a little hint, apply your eye primer and let it set. Usually I will apply the eye primer and then work on my eyebrows.

The pictured eye primer is Benefit's Stay Don't Stray. This primer has been in my top eye primers since I have tried it.  It works great and forms almost a foundation type base on your eye lid.


Tip #3. Finish up with make-up setting spray.  After you have applied all your make-up spritz it with a finishing spray.  Make sure you spray evenly, usually three sprays is enough. Personally, I found that I like to spray before any mascara is applied.  This will help keep your mascara from running under the eye when the mist hits the face. 

Above is the Urban Decay All Nighter. I have yet to try another brand but I've heard Ben Nye, Skindinavia, and MAC have some great setting sprays. 

$14.00 / 1 oz
$29.00 / 4 oz

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