Tip Tuesday: What should I wear to a photo shoot?

What should I wear to a photo shoot?  We've gotten this question in the past.  If you're really concerned with what to wear to a photo shoot, here are a few pointers.

For a family portrait you should coordinate with everyone, but you don't have to wear the same exact outfit or be too matchy-matchy.  If one person is wearing a red shirt, someone else could wear red accessories.  And you don't have to choose just one color.   The white button down and jeans has been done.  Pick a color scheme: like olive green, red, and black. 

These sisters did a great job.  The olive green in Catie's hat matches Julie's coat.  The red in Julie's scarf matches Catie's hat and boots.

For an engagement shoot you can keep with a color scheme, but you can also wear your own thing.  Just keep the color tone the same.  If the bride-to-be is wearing neutrals, the groom-to-be shouldn't wear neon.

Some other tips I think are worth mentioning... 
• No logos.
• Don’t wear anything too trendy.  Keep it classic. 
• Make sure your clothes are ironed.  We can smooth it out a little in Lightroom, but it’s always better to be crisp the day of. 
• Ladies - accessories, it completes an outfit.
• And wear something you would normally wear, that’s your style.  If you always wear a cardi, then wear a cardi for the shoot.  You want to still look like you. 
In the end, wear what is comfortable for you.  These are your photos, so it's whatever you want.  I hope this was helpful.  If you still have trouble getting it together, Erica and I could always go through your closet before hand to help you style something.  If you have any questions, let us know!

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