Tip Tuesday: Aperture

I write about aperture a lot. Let's get a little more in depth on the subject.

For portraits, I use the Aperture setting on my camera.  Aperture will create a blurry background, which I love.  This setting lets me control how open my lens is when shooting. The lower the number, the more open the lens, and the more shallow depth of field you'll have (more blur). The lower the setting, the more light will come in as well. My 50mm lens can go down to F1.4; this lets in a lot of light and a blurry background.

Here are four photos showing different Aperture settings.

As you can see, the lower the F stop/aperture number the more blurry the background will be.  Also, the further your subject is from the background, the more blur you'll create.  This is my favorite setting, but I'll show you others in future Tip Tuesday posts.

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