Tip Tuesday - Face Shapes Part 4

25 March 2014

Part 4 of the Face Shape series will be Oblong.  To read Part 3 or the other earlier parts, click here.

Oblong or long faces are very easy to pick out.  The characteristics of an oblong face are generally long and the face will be longer than it is wide.  The face will either have a long chin or a long forehead with the brow bone, cheekbone, and jawbone being the same width. 

The purpose in contouring this face shape is to bring the top and bottom features inward to shorten the length of the face.  In the diagram above, you will notice that they just have the chin contoured but I would also contour the top of the forehead around the hairline. You can also lightly apply bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks.  For highlighting, apply above the cheekbones and apply a blush along the cheekbones. 

Stay tuned for Part 5 on the next make-up Tip Tuesday for another face shape.  

* Just an FYI, the face drawing shown above was found on Pinterest (don't forget to follow us!). I do not know who the original creator was due to there being multiple links for the same drawing. 

Happy Sunday!! - Color Series

23 March 2014

I thought for the next few Happy Sundays, or so, I would do a color series.  Inspired by Springtime. 

Here's the first, Purple.

Bloglovin' Monthly Favorite: I Covet Thee

21 March 2014

We don't know what it is but British bloggers have some of the best beauty sites. One of our favorite British bloggers right now is Alix at I Covet Thee. We definitely had to feature her as our blog for this month! 

Alix is a British native who works at a beauty counter and creates an awesome beauty blog. She writes about everything from make-up and beauty to fashion and more! One of our favorite things about I Covet Thee are the photos. Alix takes amazing beauty photos to go with her blog posts! 

The other cool thing about Alix at I Covet Thee is she makes YouTube videos to accompany her blog. Her videos include great make-up tutorials, monthly favorites, and hauls.  Alix has some vlogs up on her site as well which we aren't going to lie, make us want to move over to England.  

Definitely check I Covet Thee out! And don't forget to follow her and us on Bloglovin'!

Flower Beauty Cosmetics Review

19 March 2014

With Spring around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect time to review Drew Barrymore's cosmetics line called Flower Beauty. The philosophy of Flower Beauty is that "You no longer have to spend a lot of money to get quality cosmetics you want and deserve". This line consists of everything from face foundations and concealers to eye shadows, lip and cheek colors as well as nail polishes. As of right now, Flower products can only be purchased at most Wal-Mart locations and Wal-mart.com.

I was really excited to test out some products from Ms. Barrymore's cosmetics line. It took me forever to finally decide on what to purchase. I wanted to try a variety of products but I was hesitant to purchase any foundations, concealers, or powders as my face has been very sensitive lately. But after about 20 minutes of starring at the same items, I purchased the Zoom In Ultimate Mascara in Intense Black, Sheer Up Lip Tint in Dewy Rose, Nail'd It in Eye of the Tiger Lily, and Lip Suede Velvet Up Chubbies in Life's a Peach and Coral Floral.

Zoom In Ultimate Mascara in Intense Black, $7.98
Basically the wand on this mascara intrigued me enough to add it first to my cart.  It has three wand shapes in one.  With a twist of the top, you can go from a straight wand to a spiral wand to an even tighter spiral. The purpose of the three wands is to give the options for length and/or volume. 

Zoom In Ultimate Mascara has kicked all my other mascaras' behinds including any high end mascaras that I have been using.  The mascara formula is great. It's not waterproof but it doesn't run and make me have raccoon eyes by the end of the day.  And the wand to amazing! Using all three wand types really give you both length and volume.  

I highly suggest you try this mascara out.  And for my Benefit beauty lovers, Zoom In Ultimate Mascara is definitely a dupe for They're Real. 

Sheer Up Lip Tint in Dewy Rose, $7.98
Lip Suede Velvet Up Chubby in Life's a Peach & Coral Floral, $7.98
Just like other brands, Flower Beauty has created their versions on lip chubbies or lip markers. They have three different styles. One style offers a sheer tint, one is a matte finish, and the other is for both lip and cheeks, which I decided not to purchase.

The Sheer Up Lip Tint in Dewy Rose offers a light red tint to the lips.  I do like the color of this tint. It's a basic red but it's nice because it doesn't offer a huge pop of color.  It's great for just bringing some color back into your lips. 

The Lip Suede Velvet Up Chubbies offer a matte finish which I prefer when it comes to lip products.  The two colors I decided to purchase where Life's a Peach which gives an orange tint and Coral Floral which is a very pale pink fleshy color. I do like these a little better than the Sheer Up Lip Tint. The colors are great and very fitting for spring. 

Honestly, I have never been a huge lip chubby fan so I don't have many other options to compare these too. I do like the colors when I initially apply it but the lasting power isn't phenomenal. I'm still kind of on the fence about these.

Nail'd It in Eye of the Tiger Lily, $4.98
I didn't really have high expectations when ordering this nail polish.  I figured it would be very sheer and it was.  Two coats will get you some color but unfortunately three coats made it too tacky to dry clean.  With a base and top coat it didn't chip any easier than popular brands. I think I'm gonna try other colors before I really say "yes" or "no" to the Flower Beauty nail polish.  

All in all, Flower Beauty is a great line for the price. I definitely recommend trying out some of the products that are available especially the Zoom In Ultimate Mascara.  You can view all the products on the Flower Beauty website at http://www.flowerbeauty.com.

Tip Tuesday: Turn Off Your Flash - DSLR edition

18 March 2014

Hello!  I hope you all found my last Tip Tuesday post helpful.  Today I want to show you a few ways to take photos with a DSLR camera without using the flash.  I use a Canon so this will be instruction for a Canon.

I prefer to not use flash whenever possible. As you may know my favorite mode is AV - aperature-priority. In AV mode the lower you set your f-stop number the wider your lens will open and more light will come into the camera, making your picture brighter.

Another way to brighten your photo is with the exposure composition button. Still in AV mode, hold down the AV +/- exposure button and move the dial toward the + side. This tells the camera to make the photo brighter. Move this over a little bit at a time to be sure you're photos don't come out too bright.

ISO - the ISO you use will depend on if you're outside or in, and how fast your subject is moving. When outside a good ISO setting is 400. If you're outside and your subject is moving really fast, like in sports or action shots, lower the ISO below 400.  When inside try to go as high as your camera will allow without creating too much grain.  800 or 1600 should be good for indoors photos, some camera's go up even higher. 

Natural lighting is necessary for taking a photo without flash. Go outside or get near a window and open the curtain. You might think it's best to put your subject facing the light. But try having them stand sideways next to the window and getting a reflector on the other side. The reflector will help the window light hit the other side of the subject.  The light will be softer and your subject won't have to squint.

If after you've taken your photo, you find you still need a little tweaking, there are free photo editing websites out there. One great, free website to edit your photos is PicMonkey.

So, those are some basic ways to take a picture without flash. If you adjust each slightly you'll find the right setting for each. Light is always changing so it can be a challenge.  

Of course there are exceptions to every rule and sometimes flash is necessary and unavoidable.  If you have to use flash just be sure to be far enough away from your subject so you avoid those harsh highlights and close enough that the flash will hit the subject evenly.

Happy shooting!

happy (St. Patrick's Day) sunday!!

16 March 2014

Happy Sunday!! and Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!  I love St. Patrick's Day.  It's so festive, everyone dresses up, there are parades, and the weather always seems to be beautiful. 

What did you do to celebrate Saint Patrick?

Tip Tuesday - Face Shapes Part 3

11 March 2014

And now it's time for Part 3 of the Face Shape Series. You can read the first two posts of this series here - Part 1 and Part 2.

Square or Rectangular

With a square or rectangular face, you will have very broad features like a solid bone structure and square jawline.  The lines of the face will be very straight with the brow bone, cheekbone, and jawbone being the same width.

For contouring, you want to diminish the hard lines of the face and bring the outer edges in.  To do this, take your favorite bronzer and apply to the lower jaw, from the bottom of the ears to the chin, as well as the sides of the forehead. 

For highlighting, the photo below shows to highlight in the center of the forehead as well as the chin.  If this is too much highlighting for you, you can always just apply it right above the cheekbones.

Stay tuned for Part 4 on the next make-up Tip Tuesday for another face shape.  

* Just an FYI, the face drawing shown above was found on Pinterest (don't forget to follow us!). I do not know who the original creator was due to there being multiple links for the same drawing. 

Happy Sunday!!

09 March 2014

Ok, so daylight savings... pro: it's still light out right now!  con: I missed an hour of sleep last night.

It's all good.  In the end it's worth having longer days.  I'm looking forward taking walks and bike rides after work.  Plus, more light is always better for photographers.

What will you do with your longer days?

Tip Tuesday: Turn Off Your Flash

04 March 2014

I try, at all cost, to not use my flash. Flash creates harsh highlights on the subject and shadow behind the subject. I want my photo to come out as close as possible to how the real eye would see it.  Plus, when you don't use flash, you won't get red eye!  

With still life you can create more natural light by opening the blinds, turning on a light, or moving the subject outside.  But in real life you can't always bring more light to your subject, or bring your subject to more light.  Photography is about capturing light, but it is also about capturing a moment, and if you are trying to change the light around you, you may miss that moment.  I'll give you my tips on how to take a photo without flash on the iPhone camera.

On the iPhone in the camera app, you'll see a yellow square pop up on the screen.  If you are taking a photo where there is bright light and darkness and you want to lighten the dark area, hold your finger on the screen in the dark area. You'll see the yellow square flash and "AE/AF lock" will show on the top of the screen.  This will focus your camera and lighten that area. It works the same if you want the lighter part of the picture to show, hold your finger on the light area. 

Once you've taken your photo, it may still need a little editing to make it perfect.   My favorite app is VSCOcam. You can edit your photo using any tool you can think of.  On a photo that has bright highlights and dark shadows I like to lower the contrast.  This lowers the difference between dark and light.  I then up the exposure, this will make the entire photo brighter.  With VSCOcam you can also adjust the temperature of the photo - cool or warm, the saturation of color, change the tint of highlights and shadow, and so much more.  Plus, they have the most gorgeous filters.  Below you can see a photo I've edited with VSCOcam, before and after.  In this photo I adjusted the contrast and exposure.

So, turn off your flash and get the VSCOcam app.  For my next Tip Tuesday I'll give you my tips on how to take a photo, without flash on a DSLR camera.