Bloglovin' Monthly Favorite: I Covet Thee

We don't know what it is but British bloggers have some of the best beauty sites. One of our favorite British bloggers right now is Alix at I Covet Thee. We definitely had to feature her as our blog for this month! 

Alix is a British native who works at a beauty counter and creates an awesome beauty blog. She writes about everything from make-up and beauty to fashion and more! One of our favorite things about I Covet Thee are the photos. Alix takes amazing beauty photos to go with her blog posts! 

The other cool thing about Alix at I Covet Thee is she makes YouTube videos to accompany her blog. Her videos include great make-up tutorials, monthly favorites, and hauls.  Alix has some vlogs up on her site as well which we aren't going to lie, make us want to move over to England.  

Definitely check I Covet Thee out! And don't forget to follow her and us on Bloglovin'!

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