Tip Tuesday - Face Shapes Part 3

And now it's time for Part 3 of the Face Shape Series. You can read the first two posts of this series here - Part 1 and Part 2.

Square or Rectangular

With a square or rectangular face, you will have very broad features like a solid bone structure and square jawline.  The lines of the face will be very straight with the brow bone, cheekbone, and jawbone being the same width.

For contouring, you want to diminish the hard lines of the face and bring the outer edges in.  To do this, take your favorite bronzer and apply to the lower jaw, from the bottom of the ears to the chin, as well as the sides of the forehead. 

For highlighting, the photo below shows to highlight in the center of the forehead as well as the chin.  If this is too much highlighting for you, you can always just apply it right above the cheekbones.

Stay tuned for Part 4 on the next make-up Tip Tuesday for another face shape.  

* Just an FYI, the face drawing shown above was found on Pinterest (don't forget to follow us!). I do not know who the original creator was due to there being multiple links for the same drawing. 

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