Tip Tuesday: Turn Off Your Flash

I try, at all cost, to not use my flash. Flash creates harsh highlights on the subject and shadow behind the subject. I want my photo to come out as close as possible to how the real eye would see it.  Plus, when you don't use flash, you won't get red eye!  

With still life you can create more natural light by opening the blinds, turning on a light, or moving the subject outside.  But in real life you can't always bring more light to your subject, or bring your subject to more light.  Photography is about capturing light, but it is also about capturing a moment, and if you are trying to change the light around you, you may miss that moment.  I'll give you my tips on how to take a photo without flash on the iPhone camera.

On the iPhone in the camera app, you'll see a yellow square pop up on the screen.  If you are taking a photo where there is bright light and darkness and you want to lighten the dark area, hold your finger on the screen in the dark area. You'll see the yellow square flash and "AE/AF lock" will show on the top of the screen.  This will focus your camera and lighten that area. It works the same if you want the lighter part of the picture to show, hold your finger on the light area. 

Once you've taken your photo, it may still need a little editing to make it perfect.   My favorite app is VSCOcam. You can edit your photo using any tool you can think of.  On a photo that has bright highlights and dark shadows I like to lower the contrast.  This lowers the difference between dark and light.  I then up the exposure, this will make the entire photo brighter.  With VSCOcam you can also adjust the temperature of the photo - cool or warm, the saturation of color, change the tint of highlights and shadow, and so much more.  Plus, they have the most gorgeous filters.  Below you can see a photo I've edited with VSCOcam, before and after.  In this photo I adjusted the contrast and exposure.

So, turn off your flash and get the VSCOcam app.  For my next Tip Tuesday I'll give you my tips on how to take a photo, without flash on a DSLR camera.

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