Tip Tuesday - Face Shapes Part 5 & an Update!

Here is the final part to the Face Shape series also this will be the last Tip Tuesday!  Stephanie and I decided that we want to switch things up here at LovelyUs and not feel like we have to throw a post together just to get stuff up because we have to.  With that said, over the next couple of weeks things will be changing here at LovelyUs including a new website design so stay tuned!  

The last face shape in this series is the heart shape.  You will be able to read the last part here which will have links to all the other posts as well. 


Heart or inverted triangle face has a forehead that is significantly wider than the chin and jawline. The chin on a heart face is very prominent and pointed.  Also the cheekbones will be higher on the face but may not show due to the width of the face.

With contouring on this face shape, you want to focus on the outer edges of the cheeks and forehead.  You want to create the illusion that will bring the forehead and points of the cheeks inward. The illustration above is a great example of where you should apply bronzer and your favorite highlighter.  

I hope you enjoy this series and learned some tips for your face shape! 

* Just an FYI, the face drawing shown above was found on Pinterest (don't forget to follow us!). I do not know who the original creator was due to there being multiple links for the same drawing. 

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