BeautyCon NYC 2014

So, BeautyCon wasn't exactly what we expected.  I actually feel a little jipped.  It seems like everyone else had a really good time, like "the best day of their life"! but Erica and I were really disappointed. 

We had the feeling it was a little unorganized, or things came together at the last minute. Maybe if we saw the schedule beforehand we could have planned our day better. 


We caught part of a panel including Claire Marshall, Fleur Westaway, and Whitney Port (just to name a few) on The Rise of Digital Influence. It was pretty cool to hear what they had to say on the subject, but would have liked to hear them talk about how they started or what their backgrounds were. To be honest, we didn't stay for the entire hour, so maybe they did talk about that but we missed it. 

There were only a few makeup booths: tarte, bareMinerals and Revlon, and we wish there were more.  We were a little bummed we didn't get any samples. 

Overall, I think we're glad we went, but we were underwhelmed.  It seemed to be more of a place to take selfies and less about makeup and beauty. Selfies are wonderful, but there was no substance. It was like a sandwich without the meat!  Maybe we shouldn't have gone in with any expectations?

If you were there, what was your experience?  Let us know.  

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