Happy Sunday!! Watermelon Edition

29 June 2014

Happy Sunday everyone!  Wow, what beautiful weather we've been having? 
I miss watermelon seeds!  I miss having contests to see who can spit their's across the lawn the farthest.  Who decided they were bad and needed to be eliminated?  This watermelon was delicious even without the seeds. 

Bloglovin' Monthly Favorite : Vivianna Does Make-up & Lily Pebbles

26 June 2014

Since last month we missed our monthly blog shout out, I'm giving you a double header this month.  These two blogs that I am currently loving really go hand in hand so I only thought it was right to feature them both this month. 

Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily Pebbles are two UK beauty bloggers, and friends, that have some of the best beauty features out there on the web. You will be able to read product reviews, current favorites, hauls, and more from brands that you can find in both high end retail stores as well as in the drugstore (or High Street, if my British terminology knowledge is right :D). Also to go along with their posts, both create YouTube videos and vlogs that are just as great as their posts!

If you are a make-up and fashion lover, I highly suggest you spend some time exploring both of these blogs as well as watch some of their videos!  And of course, you can follow both Vivianna  and Lily on Bloglovin'

Welcome Summer!!

21 June 2014

Happy Summer Solstice!!  Today is the longest day of the year.  So, make sure you get out there and enjoy it.  How are you spending the first day of Summer?

Lush Started Kit

07 June 2014

So after a disappointing morning at BeautyCon we made our way to the mall for some retail therapy. I was looking for The Body Shop to get some scrubs and tea tree cleanser, but The Body Shop at the mall was closed and boarded up.  We were happily surprised to find a Lush store.

I've gotten Lush products as gifts but didn't use them.  And have since expired.  So I picked up some items on this trip and call it my Lush Starter Kit.

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub
This is a fabulous scrub that smells amazing.  It has small and larger grains of salt and you can use it on your face because it doesn't have soap in it.  You have to mix it up when you first get it because all the larger salt grains are on the top.  Love it!

Lip Scrub in Mint Julips
They have a few flavors of this lips scrub.  The directions say you can rub this on your lips and then lick it off, but then you're licking off all the dry skin also so, I just rinse it off.  But it has a lovely chocolate mint scent.  Love it!

Grease Lightning Tea Tree Cleanser
When I bought this I thought it was a liquid.  It's more of a gel.  Love it!

Our experience at Lush was wonderful. The employees there were so friendly and helpful. All the products are all natural. They expire!  Which kinda blows my mind.  I would love to try everything in Lush at some point.  If you have been lucky enough to get any of the Lush products as a gift, don't be like me and let them expire.  I'm sure whatever you've gotten is fabulous, so use it.  If you have used Lush products before, what are your favorite?