Why I Chose A Canon

There are so many different brands of cameras out there, but when it came time to choose which camera brand I would go with, it was easy.  I wanted a Canon.  The reason I wanted a Canon was, my favorite photographer at the time used a Canon.  This is a silly reason and I wouldn't suggest that anyone make a decision when buying expensive equipment based solely on this, but it worked for me.  I love my Canon. 

When I bought my camera I was just starting off as a hobbyist and in this way, it was kind of an impulse buy.  I didn't think that some day soon I would want to be a photographer.  Buying this camera changed my life's direction.  I never knew what I wanted to do "when I grew up" and I never really focused on anything for very long.  I would jump from one thing to the next, but with this, my passion hasn't waiver. 

If I had to make this decision all over again I probably would have done more research, but I think I would have ultimately decided on a Canon, in the end.

I plan on buying a new camera body soon, but I will do my research to choose the right model for me.  And it will be a Canon.

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