What's In My Camera Bag

28 August 2014

Here's a look inside my camera bag.  This is a lot of my equipment, but not all of it.

1.  The bag - Tamrac.  It was a hand-me-down.  I should definitely start shopping for a new one, cause this one is gettin' small.  I don't think they sell this one anymore, but the link is to one that's similar.

2.  The camera body - Canon Rebel xs 1000D.  This body is discontinued.  Technology is always changing and the same goes for camera equipment.  You can get a much better one now-a-days for about what I paid for mine.

3.  Lens - Canon 50mm f/1.4.  Thankfully they still have this lens available.  I believe there was some talk about Canon discontinuing this lens, which I think would be such a shame.  It's my favorite.  It's great for still-life/lifestyle photos and portraits.

4.  Lens - Canon 24-105mm f/4.  This lens is great for photo shoots; it has a great range and it's easier to catch candid moments when you don't need to keep changing your lens.

5.  Flash diffuser.  This was my very next purchase after I bought my camera.  I don't use this anymore because I've learned to take photos in low-light without a flash.  The 50mm lens helps.

6.  Lens cleaning clothe.  I'm so afraid to ever clean my lens, but it is necessary.

7.  Battery charger - Canon.

8.  Lens - Olloclip for iphone.  This was a gift and I love it.  I use it to take super close-up, macro pics or for blurry bokeh filled pictures.

9.  Film - Fujifilm 400.  Even though I don't have a film camera in this bag.

10. Lens - Lensbaby Spark.  A fun lens for when I'm feeling whimsical.
11. USB Cable

12. Bokeh "filter".  When you put this in front of the lens it changes the bokeh shapes from round to heart.  I made it myself.

That's it!  Thanks for checking out what's inside my bag.  As I change up my equipment I'll do updated posts. 



Bloglovin' Monthly Favorite : Essie Button

22 August 2014

In the month of August, we have been loving the beauty blog, Essie Button and the amazing writer behind the blog, Estée. She is a Canadian living in England who writes about everything beauty mixed with lifestyle and fashion posts. Estée also makes YouTube videos to accompany her blog. You can find videos about her monthly favorites, brand focuses, make-up and skin routines as well as vlogs which include her cute dog, Reggie!

Definitely make sure you are keeping up with Estée and us by favoriting both our blogs on Bloglovin'!

LU Photo-A-Day Challenge: week four

21 August 2014

The photo-a-day challenge continues.  Here's week three!!  I got in a Taco Tuesday.  (wasn't really Tuesday)  Can't believe I'm going into week four.

Here's the home stretch, week four ...

22. fun and games
23. snack
24. outside
25. signs
26. and it was all yellow
27. handmade
28. black and white
29. backyard
30. good night
31. selfie

LU Photo-A-Day Challenge: week three

14 August 2014

Here are pics from week number two.  I missed Taco Tuesday.  But I'll try to make that up next week.

For week three the topics are ...

15. filterless
16. caturday
17. family meal
18. in my bag
19. pet
20. nature
21. souvenir

Remember to tag your photos #luphotoaday . 

LU Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week Two

07 August 2014

So, I knew when I started this it wasn't going to be easy.  The first day was a selfie, and I hate taking selfies, as you can probably tell by the photo.  Here are the first 6 photos. 

I still have to post for day 7 (today), which is "flash bulb".

Here are the upcoming topics for next week...

8. from where i stand
9. nerdy
10. happy sunday
11. in the kitchen
12. taco tuesday
13. bokeh
14. vintage

It's not too late to join in the challenge.  Don't forget if you participate to use the hashtag #luphotoaday .

Happy Sunday!!

03 August 2014

We got back from our vacation a week ago.  I hope we make it back to the beach again before the end of the summer!