Brush Cleaning

Cleaning your make-up brushes, how often do you actual do it?

I loathe cleaning my brushes but try to do it as much as possible. Make-up brushes and sponges can carry germs so it really is important to keep them clean. You will notice a huge difference in your skin when you keep a brush cleaning regime. Plus, I always feel like my make-up looks better when my brush is not gooped up with product.

Now, you can find a gazillion ways on how to clean make-up brushes. From brush cleaning sprays to mixing oil and shampoos. Personally, I just like using dish washing soap. As weird as that may sound, it cuts through the make-up pretty well and really gets my brushes clean.  Below you will find the steps on how I clean my brushes!

So let's get started. 

First I mix some dish soap in a bowl with warm water to let my brushes sit for a bit.  I don't leave them in there too long as I don't want the brush heads to soak up too much water.  I really just want the brushes to get wet.

After taking the brushes out of the bowl, I just let them lay on a towel until it's their time for cleaning. From there, I take the dish soap and put a dime size (or so) amount in the palm of my hand.  I then start working it into the bristles of the brush.  I usually do this by swirling it around my palm and then massaging it in with my fingers. Foundation and concealer brushes will also need more elbow grease than shadow or powder brushes. And generally, for every brush, I put another drop or two of dish soap in the palm of my hand.

Once you start to see the water from the brush run clean, you want to get as much of the excess water off the bristles as possible.  I do this by putting the bristles in between two fingers and pulling through. Depending, on the size of the brush, I do this step a couple of times to make sure I can get as much of the excess water off as possible.

Lastly, I will shape the brush head and lay it flat on a dry, clean towel. Drying time will vary depending on the size of the brush head. For your face brushes, you may want to have a second set incase your primary brushes are still wet as I found that these brushes take longer to dry than you smaller brushes.

And there you have it! Clean brushes ready for your next application! :)

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