Make-Up Series - Where to Start? Benefit

I thought it would be fun to start sort of a series on the blog about different brands and what are good starter products to buy. With so many brands out there with great range of products, some times it can be difficult to decide where to start.

In this series, Where to Start?, I will be highlighting a specific cosmetic brand and what I think are great starter products.  Also since I haven't tried every brand yet, I thought it would be awesome to even blog about the starter products I chose and my thoughts. To get started with the series, I decided to pick Benefit as it's one of my favorites and started by two sisters.  

Benefit was started by twins, Jean and Jane Ford, in 1976.  These models and make-up artists opened a storefront in San Francisco named, The Face Place, and one of their first products was called Rose Tint (known today as benetint). After a decade or so, The Face Place was renamed to Benefit and, as they say, the rest is history!  Today, Benefit is one of the top make-up companies in the world and sold online, in their store fronts, make-up and department stores. 

Benefit offers a great line of make-up so it was hard to decide which ones I thought are great starters. This brand has everything from foundations to eyeshadows, mascaras, and liners even a skincare line.   As starter products, I strongly think that their Hoola bronzer, they'reReal mascara, and benetint cheek stain are the best starters for someone who has never tried any Benefit products. 

(left to right - Hoola $28.00, they'reReal $23.00, benetint $30.00)

Hoola is an amazing bronzer. It's the perfect color, not too dark or too light, and a great shade for most skin tones. I love pairing Hoola with their cheek and lip stain, benetint, in most of my daily make-up routines. And, the third item I thought is a great starter is they'reReal. I can not say enough about this mascara.  It's a perfect formula and the wand has bristles all around so you can use the tip to get into the corners of your lashes to really get them all covered.

Stay tuned in the future for other Where to Start? posts and leave a comment below if there are any brands you would love to know where to start!

Also check out an eye look I did with the Hoola bronzer - 

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