The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are so much fun.  We always have a couple in the house each year to help us count down the days 'til Christmas.  We have one from when I was little where you move the little Christmas mouse on the clothe board from pockets 1 to 24, and we always purchase a chocolate one.

Well this year I had my eye on The Body Shop's Beauty Advent Calendar.  It has a beauty treat each day in December leading up to Christmas.  Such a cute idea.  When Erica and I saw that you couldn't purchase them online, we panicked!  But Erica made some calls and it turns out the Body Shop at the West Farms Mall was stocked up.  We headed down the same day and grabbed ours before they sold out, even though they had plenty.

Now it's sitting on my dresser just taunting me.  I don't know if I can wait until December 1st to start opening the little compartments.  We'll try to be good and wait to open each little door on the day and do a little review for you.

Something I learned was that when you purchase the advent calendar and other gifts from the Body Shop, a portion of the proceeds go towards education for children in need.  That's so awesome! 

There are so many cool advent calendars out there from Benefit, Tarte, TopShop, and even Starbucks.  Do you buy a special advent calendar each year?  Or maybe you make your own?  Let us know.


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