My Project Life

Scrapbooking has been a hobby of mine for a while but I took a little break from it after I finished my wedding album.  I've done an entire scrapbook of my trip to Spain, my honeymoon, and even one I add to each time I go to a concert.  For 2015 I'm getting back into it and doing a Project Life scrapbook.

Project Life by Becky Higgins is meant to simplify scrapbooking.  You get photo pocket pages and you fill those pockets with photos, cards, and keepsakes.  This makes it easier to scrapbook everyday life, which I think is wonderful.  Some people do everyday, or every week, some do monthly.  I'm going to try monthly.  I think this will be a challenge, because there isn't always something exciting going on, but it will get me to take more photos of everyday life. 

I've started by purchasing some supplies: an album, the photo pocket pages, separators, and a pack of cards.  I also bought some things to embellish like paper clips and washi tape.  Since I'll be using my iphone for a lot of the pictures I also will be using two apps to help print photos.  For my instagram photos I'm using the Postal Pix app.  You can order 4x4 photos from your instagram feed and they come in the mail to you in a few days.  These fit perfectly in the I size Project Life photo pages.  I also downloaded the Kodak KioskConnect app so I can print my photos at CVS through bluetooth, without any cables.

So, I'm all ready to get started.  I just have to start taking and printing photos.  As I fill in my scrapbook I'll share some pages with you.


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