Bioderma Sensibio h20 has been one of my "must find" beauty items for I couldn't tell you how long. I have been on the constant hunt for a company who would ship it to the United States.  Finally, Beautylish came through and now stocks and ships it here!  I believe I actually squealed when I saw it on the Beautylish website.

Bioderma is a French skin company. They offer a variety of products including their Senisbio h20 which is micellar water. Micellar waters are used to cleanse the face and wipe away any oils, dirt and makeup without having to rinse the face after using. 
This product has definitely lived up the hype. I use it nightly to wipe away my makeup and nothing has taken my eye makeup off as easily as this stuff.  Before it would take forever to try and get all the mascara off but with this stuff does its so effortlessly.  I just do two squirts on cotton rounds and rest them on my lids for a few seconds.  I lightly wipe away and like 95% of my eye makeup is gone.  Its absolutely amazing and I don't think I'm going to put living without it anytime soon! 

Bioderma is a product I highly recommend for anybody to purchase.  Along with the ability to remove makeup like its nothing, it's a great product to just swipe around the face to remove any oils and grime (when you have no makeup on of course!). I purchased the set were you get the 500 ML Bioderma as well as a travel size.  The cost for the two is only $19.95. 

Here is a like to purchase the Bioderma on the Beautylish website -
And ps. it was my first time ordering from Beautylish and I had no issues at all.  My order came quick and was awesomely packaged!  Thanks Beautylish, can't wait to order from you guys again!

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