The Times They Are a Changin'

Some of you may have noticed that we have been very lazy when it comes to posting any new content here on LovelyUs. Both Steph and I enjoy what we do, obviously that is why we started this venture, but we weren't too sure if blogging is what we want to do especially just focusing on posting content about make-up and photography.  We started to feel very uncreative trying to come up with new ideas.

After one of our walks around Stephie's neighborhood, we both decided that THIS IS what we want to do but maybe with a little twist.  We want to do what we love in life and that's being creative.  So here is the change to LovelyUs.

We both will be focusing on what we can offer outside of the "internet" aspect of LovelyUs. Steph with her photography and me with my make-up. We still want to do photo shoots with families, couples, individuals, pets, you name it and makeup for events and such.  The thing that will be changing is the "internet" aspect of LovelyUs.  This blog is going to be more of who we are. It will still have makeup and photography posts but we are going to add some lifestyle aspects to it.  

So that is the change.  Nothing drastic just us being more ourselves.  I hope you with enjoy this new change with us.  I know we are both excited about it! 

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