After going through our past nail polish posts, we have noticed a trend... essie. Both of us have quite a few colors from the lacquer brand and if you asked us our top polishes most likely you will get an essie color. Because of this, we thought it would be fun to show our essie appreciation and add to the #essielove that is on social media like Instagram.

Essie is a top contender in the nail polish game and it really isn't a stranger to those who love polishes. You can purchase the brand at almost any store that sells beauty products which is always a plus.  And even though it's accessible and priced right you still feel like you're getting high-end because of the beautiful and extensive color range as well as the quality of the polish itself. We can't help but love essie.  

Some of our favorite essie polishes are featured below. Steph loves old favorites like Turquoise & Caicos while Erica is quickly loving new releases like Penny Talk. 

Erica's favorites

Stephanie's favorites

What are some of your favorite essie polishes? Let us know and use the #essielove. 

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