Sunday Sips

24 January 2016

I love tea. I have an entire cupboard loaded with the stuff. And one of my favorite things to do is enjoy being home, sitting in my kitchen, drinking a cup of tea. I'd like to share some of that time with you along with some of my other favorites of the month.

• This month I'm loving Lipton Black Tea. I don't drink coffee, but still need caffine in the mornings. I mean, I'm only human after all. 

• Grey all day, and all month.  I've been wearing Essie's "Master Plan" non-stop. 

• "Middle" by DJ Snake
My friend Carol played this in her car while we were out running errands and I immediately added it to my Spotify playlist. 

• These super slim silver stacking rings are so versatile.  You can wear them all on one finger, or one on each finger.

What have been some of  your favorites this month?


Happy New Year!

05 January 2016

New Year's is the perfect time to start something new, or to restart something. Erica and I have always loved this blog and our little company, but life gets crazy and we can't always put as much time into it as we'd like. Well, in 2016 we hope to get the ball rolling again. We're looking to work on new photo shoots, diy's, some recipes, and general lifestyle projects.

We want to thank our friends and family for their support so far, so thank you! We couldn't have made it this far without you!  We hope you continue to follow us and watch us grow.  And we'll do our best to keep our dream alive.

Cheers to 2016!